Pharmaceutical industry

QR for the Pharma

Spinlock has been actively engaged in developing the application of the Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) technology for the analytical requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

It has been proved the efficiency of NQR as a new method for the fast (seconds) and consistent detection of polymorphisms in the active ingredient of pharmaceuticals. This same equipment can be used to perform a fast quality control check of the active ingredient.

Spinlock finished the construction of a prototype (SLK-PH-100) which was delivered to the School of Pharmacy of the University of New England, in the State of Maine, United States. The equipment is currently being subject to rounds of testing in joint collaboration with the University, Spinlock and Dirigo Analytics, LLC. Spinlock has licensed the use of the technology to Dirigo. Both companies collaborate today as this project transits towards becoming a commercial product available for Dirigo and Spinlock’s clients, worldwide.

Technical Brief of the Technology

Compared to the X-Ray diffraction and calorimetric techniques, the NQR is technologically simpler and its implementation is less expensive.

Different from X-Ray, in NQR is not necessary to irradiate the sample (and potentially the environment) with ionizing radiations, rather with short and innocuous long wave radiofrequency pulses.

Different from Calorimetry, the analysis is performed at ambient temperature and only takes a few seconds, avoiding any damage to the active ingredient because of high temperatures. Same comparison is applicable with respect to the NIR technology; NQR does not require complicated calibrations or trained professionals to operate.

With the SLK-PH-100, the sample does not require preparation and can be immediately reused; it is even possible to analyze pure or mixed active ingredient, same as in compressed pills or powder. The analysis is quantitative of the entire content of active ingredient in the sample.